Fort Collins Named Top Place to Retire by CBS Money Watch

02/26/12 by The Group, Inc.

CBS Money Watch named Fort Collins as a top place to retire.  The list named several cisites, citing all for good medical care, affordability, lifestyle, access to airports and good public transportation, and proximity to outdoor recreation, and cultural and educational institutions.

"More than 30 miles of bike roads...and roads is exactly the right word.  Fort Collins has many miles of separate paved roads for bikers,"writer Nancy F. Smith states.  "It's as good a symbol as any for the way citizens of this small Rocky Mountain city (population: 144,000) see themselves."

Other cities on the list are:  Winston-Salem, N.C., Washington, D.C., Walnut Creek, Calif., Pittsburg, Pa., Portland, Ore., Santa Fe. N.M., Marquette, Mich., Clearwater, Fla., and Austin, Tex.